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We are accomplished business attorneys with an EXCELLENT TRACK RECORD of success.

Our objective is to enable our clients to reach their business goals with PRACTICAL and EFFICIENT solutions. We do this by combining HIGH-QUALITY, EXPERIENCED legal representation, with RESOURCEFUL approaches and prompt service, for a reasonable cost.

We emphasize the maintenance of our attorney/client relationships based upon mutual RESPECT and TRUST. This requires dealing HONESTLY with costs and benefits, and keeping our clients well-informed about the progress of our matters.

Our attorneys have EXPERTISE in business and securities law and class action litigation. Areas of special expertise in the securities field include restricted stock, SEC Rule 144, and stock transfer agent law. Also, we are currently handling cutting edge litigation involving abusive tax shelter and real property litigation. To more fully SERVICE clients, the firm has developed STRATEGIC alliances with attorneys SPECIALIZING in other areas of the law. The skills of the firm's attorneys coupled with its state-of-the-art legal research facilities provide the foundation upon which the firm operates.

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