Made A Bad Investment Recommended by a Dishonest, Reckless, or Biased Broker ?

When stockbrokers take your money for fees and commissions,
they have obligations to ensure that you’re treated with honesty
and fairness, that your money is allocated to suitable investments, and that your assets are protected.

When brokers don’t meet their obligations, they violate the law.

Remediation can include, not only damages to make you whole,
but also, in certain cases,  punitive damages.  If you know of a case involving stockbroker misconduct, talk to an attorney at Wilshire Palisades Law Group, P.C.

Stockbrokers Must Deal with Customers Honestly and Fairly, and Safeguard Our Money

When we put our money in a brokerage account, we expect that our brokers know what they’re talking about when they make recommendations to us – that they’ve checked out the facts, are honest with us, and don’t bamboozle us with phony sales pitches. 
We also expect our assets to be safe in our brokerage accounts, and that they will be there when we want them.  Brokers encourage these expectations by telling customers and the public that they understand their responsibilities to ensure the security of our assets.

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Broker liability can occur when brokers recommend and sell you investments (such as stocks, alternative investments, or private placements) without doing their homework about the investments, when brokers churn your account, and when they conceal or misrepresent the investments.
It can also arise any time unauthorized withdrawals are made from your account, whether by wire transfer, ACH debits, checks, identity theft, hacking, or cyber-security breaches.

A lawyer who specializes in broker liability has the experience to recognize violations of broker duties and fraudulent schemes and to protect you against them. We are your  specialists – call us to discuss your claims.